Home Inspections

Why is Alabama building inspection services a good choice to do your home inspection?

Jim Pinion has been in the building industry since the age of 17. Jim Pinion has the needed experience to do your home inspection. Jim is a master electrician since the age of 19 and successfully stared a business in 1989 known as Bay City Electric LLC. In 1999 Jim Pinion started the business known as Alabama Building Inspection Services. In 2007 Jim Pinion started a business as Ross Built Homes LLC, building and remodeling homes throughout mobile in Baldwin county’s. and served the county of Mobile as Building Inspector until 2007.

The home inspection process.

During the home inspection process we take pride in providing a comprehensive report due to the thorough home inspection process. We go through every room in the home looking for problems or the lack thereof. We inspect the home’s ceilings, walls, doors, floors, windows and electrical circuits.During our home inspection we check for water leaks in the bathrooms and kitchen. We check the home’s appliances such as dishwasher, refrigerator, stove, and vent hoods to check for proper operation. And yes, we do go in the attic and crawl spaces to check for any problems such as roof bracing or structural issues. During the electrical inspections we open up the home’s electrical panels to check wire sizes compared to the breaker sizes. We are looking for loose wiring and anything that could cause a problem to the home and possibly people’s lives. At Alabama Building Inspection Services we represent the buyer and we take this very seriously.

The Home Inspection Report is guaranteed within 24 hours as well as same day reporting.

If possible we’d like to have the home buyer show up. At that time we go over any problems with the home that were found during the inspection as well as recommendations. This way we can communicate with the home buyer before the report. This helps the buyer’s process when they can see for themselves the problems or hopefully the lack of problems that were revealed during the home inspection.

The Home Inspection fee is based on square feet and style of home.

We now have inspectors in the following areas to help with work load: Bay Minette, Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, Daphne, Eastern Shore, and West Mobile.

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